List of Special Sessions

Call for Special Sessions

The program for SPAWC 2023 will include Special Sessions which complement the regular program with new and emerging topics of interest to the signal processing community. Please refer to the conference webpage for information about Special Sessions proposals.


1. Over-the-Air Computation and Learning, organized by Feng Wang (, Jie Xu
2. Semantic-aware Communication, organized by Wenyi Zhang (, Shuo Shao
3. Rate-Splitting Multiple Access for 6G, organized by Yijie Mao (, Zhaohui Yang, Bruno Clerckx, Robert Schober
4. Optimization Theory and Algorithms for 5G and Beyond Communication System Design, organized by Yafei Liu (
5. Timely and Private Machine Learning over Networks, organized by Howard H. Yang (, Nikolaos Pappas
6. Practical Evaluation of Key Scientific Problems, Strategies and Technologies for Integrated Communication and Sensing in 6G, organized by Jose R. Pineiro (, Xuesong Cai, José A. García-Naya

7. Towards Intelligent Non-Terrestrial Networks, organized by Yongxu Zhu (, Zhilin Sun, Yue Gao, Bo Tan, Bin Liu
8. Efficient Signal Processing for LEO Satellite Communications, organized by Chenhao Qi (, Zhenyu Xiao, Shui Yu
9. Learning for Integrated Sensing and Communication, organized by Nuria Gonzalez-Prelcic (
10. Delay Doppler Signal Processing for Radar and Communications, organized by Weijie Yuan (, Zhiqiang Wei, Shuangyang Li

11. Communications and Computation Cooperation for Wireless Edge Intelligence, Organized by Sheng Zhou (, Zheng Chang


Proposal submission
Each session proposal should include an Abstract (limited to 2,000 characters) along with a Background- -and-Justification paragraph (limited to 2,000 characters), in which the session organizers elaborate on i) the motivation behind the special session, and ii) the collective quality and potential impact of the committed papers in the proposed session. Each proposal should also include a title and a list of authors of the potential papers. In total, it needs five (5) papers per proposed session to reflect geographic diversity to the maximum extent possible. Please explicitly make those papers that have been confirmed by the authors. 
No author can appear as co-author in more than one paper of a single special session.
Please submit the proposal via google form
Questions regarding special session should be addressed to Tianyi Chen ( 

Proposal selection
Special session proposals will be evaluated based on i) the proposed topic; ii) the expected impact and quality of the confirmed papers; and, iii) the session organizer(s) and contributing authors. A special session should preferably address an emerging topic in signal processing that is not fully aligned with a specific Technical Committee of the Signal Processing Society.




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